Hello and welcome to Individual Home, a brand new e-commerce home interiors store! My name is Harry the founder and Director of the company, with a passion for all things interior design. I founded the business due to a desire to offer a better solution in the market place. For years I have searched store after store trying to find a particular item to complete a room or look, but to no avail. Individual Home is about offering the customer an easier solution, covering a large basis of designs both traditional and modern which most competitors don’t, and all available on one convenient website. Which means you can browse till your hearts content, whilst putting your feet up!


Furthermore we understand as a company that when styling your home there are numerous facets to take into account, right down to the finer details in order to achieve the desired finished look. We aim to address this desire, by providing a wide range of products including soft furnishings, accessories, lamps and furniture to name but a few. And with this range of products ever expanding, Individual Home has everything the home owner is looking for!


So please feel free to take a look around our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions